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Our Operations and Technical Services division deploy extensive experience in the oil & gas, energy and maritime industries to meet clients’ needs. We resolve tough challenges by providing best-in-class operations and maintenance practices, consistently working to ensure that our services are delivered within schedule and budget while ensuring quality and highest safety standards. Our partners and clients attest to our integrity, reliability and innovative approach to problem-solving and project delivery.

Our Operations and Technical Services cover the following areas:


We provide a comprehensive range of asset integrity management services, helping clients prolong the life of their valuable assets and minimise operational and regulatory risks.


Our comprehensive range of asset management services help clients resolve operational challenges, reduce their overheads and optimise asset effectiveness.


Our procurement team understands the significance of every order, be it a single spare part for a routine maintenance job or long lead items for that fast track million-dollar project, we place utmost emphasis on quality, cost and on-time delivery.

Other areas we cover include:

  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Facility Revamp, Upgrade, Modification & Repairs
  • Repair Orders for Facilities, Systems, Machinery & Equipment
  • OEM Representation

Some of the projects we have executed include:

  • Procurement for E & P’s Alakiri, Cawthorne Channel and Krakama Gas Plant / Flow Stations for Eroton
  • Equipment and material procurement for Egboama Gas Processing & Compression Plant for PNG Gas Limited………read more