The Operations and Technical Services division deploy our extensive experience in the oil & gas, energy and maritime industries to meet clients’ needs. We resolve tough challenges by providing best-in-class operations and maintenance practices, consistently working to ensure that our services are delivered within schedule and budget while ensuring quality and highest safety standards. Our partners and clients attest to our integrity, reliability and innovative approach to problem-solving and project delivery.

Under our Asset Integrity Management services, we manage an asset’s entire life extension project scope, from study/evaluation of asset condition, proposing recommended solutions to extend the life of an asset, and implementation of agreed solutions

Our Operation & Maintenance services focus on optimal uptime and availability of equipment, machinery and plants, there by maximising production and profit for our clients. We understand that downtime can be costly to a client’s business and because breakdowns are a fact of life in asset operation and maintenance,  we are always on standby at short notice to support the client in minimising equipment failure and quick turnaround during equipment breakdown.

The success of every project and operations rely on dependable first-grade procurement services. Our Procurement team is made up of experienced procurement and supply chain professionals who understand the significance of every order to the life of a project or operation. Our expert knowledge of the supply process value chain, through the excellent relationship with forwarders, clearing agents, customs clearing formalities and the required logistics/warehousing coordination, has given our procurement services the edge to be your dependable, go-to solutions provider for your project and operations procurement needs.

Our Operations and Technical Services cover the following areas:

  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Asset Integrity Management
  • Facility Revamp, Upgrade, Modification & Repairs
  • Repair Orders for Facilities, Systems, Machinery & Equipment
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Procurement of Parts, Equipment and Machinery
  • OEM Representation

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