Marine and offshore






Today’s competitive marine and offshore support industry require efficient and agile service providers that can promptly respond to client’s requirements with innovative solutions. Our Marine & Offshore Support Services team is positioned to meet today’s oilfield needs, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted operations.  Whether it is operation and management of marine assets,  crew and vessel management, or terminal operations, we are well-positioned to deliver industry-leading services.

We collaborate with our network of brokers, vessel owners and partners to efficiently provide exceptional services that offer required results to clients. Combining our expertise and industry knowledge, our marine experts have proven our ability to perform consistently, producing outstanding results to clients’ satisfaction. All within project specifications, industry safety guidelines and regulatory requirements, while ensuring that all our activities are within the budget and schedule constraints.

We have extensive experience in crew management, vessel operations and management. We are happy to provide customers with experienced and qualified marine and rig crew or take over the overall responsibility for the technical management of the marine assets, including barges, rigs, various types of OSVs, as well as FPSOs. Over the years we have developed an extensive database of rig and marine professionals, from junior to senior positions, giving us the opportunity to resource any number of roles quickly, avoiding delays.  We manage all the processes, payroll, logistics and crew planning, training coordination and repatriation, allowing our customers focus on their core business.

Our offshore and marine support services cover the following areas:

  • Supply, Operation & Management of Marine Assets
  • Vessel and Crew Management
  • Marine Operations
  • Terminal Operations
  • Marine Logistics Support
  • Marine Consultancy

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