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Our team is positioned to meet today’s oilfield needs, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted operations. Whether it is the operation and management of marine assets, crew and vessel management, or terminal operations, we are well-positioned to deliver industry-leading services.

See below what this service division covers:


We collaborate with our network of brokers, vessel owners, and partners to provide exceptional services. Leveraging on our extensive industry know-how and local knowledge, we consistently outperform the competition.

Our Capabilities:
– Marine assets chartering & brokerage
– STS operations
– Rental of marine assets such as barge and cranes
– Vessel mobilization crew
– Offshore logistics support
– Cabotage processing & compliance
– Vessel importation documentation
– Port operations support


With the competence and expertise we bring to bear on crew management services, our principals remain focused on the commercial and technical management of their fleet, with peace of mind, knowing that we are in control.

Our Capabilities:
– Crew sourcing and recruitment
– Rotation planning & repatriation
– Crew change management
– Payroll, welfare and tax administration
– Visa and work permit processing
– Training coordination and certificate verification
– Compliance with international and local regulations and guidelines
– Expats and Nationals


We focus on prioritizing efficient operations, preventative maintenance, and the safety of assets under our management. Ensuring flawless operations and deeply satisfied clients.

Our Capabilities:
– Technical management
– Commercial management
– Crew management
– Operations, maintenance & procurement
– Accounting & insurance
– Regulatory compliance
– Inspections, survey, and repairs
– Vessels of all types


Our experienced consultants provide a wide range of marine consultancy services to key clients, ensuring seamless project delivery. Our client pool includes vessel owners, port and terminal operators, brokers, insurance firms, and financial institutions.

Our Capabilities:
– Vessel pre-purchase inspections
– Audits and warranty survey
– Technical due diligence inspections
– Pre-hire vessel vetting
– Operations preparedness planning
– STS operations planning & procedure development
– Regulatory compliance advisory services

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