Arion Energy Services Limited is an ISO-certified company. We have put in place clearly defined procedures in line with  ISO E&QMS requirements.

The key E&QMS objectives of Arion Energy Services Limited are to provide a quality working environment for all employees and to maintain the highest Environmental and Quality standards in all systems of work, services, equipment, and operations.

These objectives will be achieved through setting realistic objectives and targets, monitoring, audit, management review,

training, supervision, and the provision of relevant information to all persons concerned with our business.

It is the objective of Arion Energy Services Limited to:

  • Improve Environmental and Quality awareness by 90% through regular awareness meetings.
  • Ensure that all employees working at the office and client facilities are provided with appropriate environmental management system awareness training.
  • Improve proactive participation by 30% in all our departments and functions within the facilities.
  • Improve recycling and reuse programs by 80% where practical and will use environmentally safe disposal practices for waste that is not eliminated at the source or recycled.
  • Work in partnership with Clients, Suppliers, and Sub-contractors to ensure that their needs are fully understood so that the right quality service is provided, within the specified time and in line with best practice.
  • Maintain the Integrated Management System and implement 100% of the ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 with regards to Arion Energy Services Limited’s operations.
  • Share in the responsibility of implementing these objectives at various levels. Top Management will ensure that sufficient resources are available for the implementation of these objectives and will ensure that Environmental rules and Quality procedures are in place.

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