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Who We Are

Arion Energy Services is an engineering, projects and operations services provider to the oil and gas, power and maritime industries. We are an agile and innovative company providing reliable solutions through our AdaptInnovate and Resolve (AIR) approach to service delivery. We believe in developing exceptional teams to Adapt our services and tools to meet clients’ needs, Innovate solutions around project requirements and Resolve challenges to deliver expectations

Our Experience

Over the past few years, we have successfully executed various projects for our clients.

Client: Nexttee Oil and Gas Trading Company (a Brittania-U Company)

Project: Owner representation during purchase, delivery, manning and management of vessel.

Client: White Dove Shipping (a Nestoil Company)

Project: Crew and Personnel Management Contract


Project: Provision of Accommodation Barge Lancelot for Turn Around Maintenance of Bonga FPSO

Client: Nestoil Plc

Project: Recruitment and Outsourced Manpower Services

Client: Cakasa Engineering

Project: Manpower services (Expats) for Chevron’s Abiteye NAG Project

Client: FODE Drilling/Chevron

Project: Rig Crew Management.

Client: Hemla AS

Project: Due Diligence Inspection on a Floating Production Unit

Client: Seven Energy

Project: Boiler and heat exchanger inspection, corrective actions and optimization.

Client: Eroton E&P

Project: Procurement for E & P’s Alakiri, Cawthorne Channel and Krakama Gas Plant / Flow Stations.

Client: PNG Gas Limited

Project:Equipment and material procurement for Egboama Gas Processing & Compression Plant.

Client: Midwestern Oil and Gas

Project: Equipment Procurement

Client: Addax Petroleum

Project: EPCI for OML 123 offshore platforms


Project: Project: Support for the Bonga FPSO Turnaround Maintenance (SNEPCO Bonga Field)

Our Partners

We maintain strategic business relationship with reputable international organization to enable us deliver world class services to our clients.

Crew Registration

Are you a Seafarer? If yes, then register with us and upload required documents for you to be considered for employment with clients that we manage vessels for.

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