Repair Clamps & Pipe Couplings

The Clamps are ideal for both emergency and permanent repairs of leaks or corroded sections of pipes. The Couplings are alternative methods of connecting pipes by welding, Flange, socket, grooved (Victaulic) joint or union. They can be used on all types of pipes – Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron/Galvanised, PVC, Copper, CuNi, Fibreglass (FRP/GRP), Aluminium, etc.


Repair/joining of pipes for hydrocarbons (crude oil & gas), chemical, water and sewage systems, and many more…

Pipe Outer Diameter

21-1016mm (1/2-40 inches)

Working Pressure

Up to 32 Bar (464 PSI)


Oil & Gas Platforms, Petrochemical, Shipping, Shipyards, Construction, Utilities, Water Treatment Plants, Power Plants.


Rubber Gasket


How to Order

Important information required to process an order are model, purpose (for use as clamp or coupling), fluid passing through the pipe, working pressure and temperature.

You can place an order using either of the following options:

A) Model, Pipe OD (mm or inches), Working Pressure, Temperature, Fluid and Quantity
E.g. “MJG, 114.3mm, 5 bar, 60°C, hot water, 50pcs”


B) Purpose, Pipe OD (mm or inches), Working Pressure, Temperature, Fluid and Quantity
E.g. “For connection or repair, 60mm, 5 bar, 32°C, Crude oil, 350pcs”



Arion Energy is a distributor for:

Jeong Woo Coupling is specialized in manufacturing pipe couplings and repair clamps since its establishment in 1995.
MP JOINT is approved by major classification societies and is ranked top among other popular global brands, thanks to its good quality and reasonable price.

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